Social responsibility


C3 Shared Services have improved our efforts to achieve unity and eliminate inequality in our society; we adopted a profound and fundamental shift in how we approach economic development and growth.

We divided our approach into various categories by improving the following:

  • Social empowerment of previously disadvantaged children by sponsorship programmes which consist of various food distribution programmes and education.
  • Mentoring and partnering with SMMEs to boost their business growth which, subsequently, will boost the economy.
  • Promoting economic transformation to enable meaningful participation of black people in the economy.

The Board of Directors, shareholders and employees of the company have committed themselves to support the government's stated objectives to facilitate the empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups.

Our employees are fully committed to act ethically, and accept that we have an obligation towards the community and government initiatives for transformation and social responsibility in South Africa.

It is imperative that we ensure sustainability, transformation and equality for the future generation.

Organisations we support:
  • Izzi Trust
  • Springs Girls High
  • Animal Ambulance
  • Anti-Rhino poaching campaign
  • Kids Haven
  • Maziya Combined School


Impala Platinum Cycling Tour Johannesburg to Cape Town


The Impala Platinum Cycling Club are cycling the 1 700+ kilometres from Springs in Gauteng to Cape Town in an effort to raise funds for two local Springs schools that specialise in the education and needs of children with a physical disability and/or a specific learning problem. All funds raised through this initiative will go to two schools in the Ekurhuleni East region. This first school that will benefit is Protea which caters for children with specific learning disabilities and the second school is the Muriel Brand which looks after children with physical and specific learning disabilities. The tour consists of 20 cyclists, divided into three teams, dividing the 1 700 kilometres between them. The group will be assisted by a team of support personnel that will look after their health, safety on the road and all the other logistics that go with a tour of this nature. C3 has sponsored this event for three consecutive years and continues to support this very worthy cause.

Toni Jardine Competes at Women's World Enduro Cup


C3 Shared Services is proud to announce that we have taken part in sponsoring Toni Jardine’s, the Top SA Female Rider in South Africa, recent trip to Spain and Portugal where she competed in the first two rounds of the International Women's Enduro Event. Toni is a very competitive individual with strong commitment and has participated in various off road and Enduro biking events over the years. At only 18 years of age she was the first woman to enter all the National Enduro Event and is the youngest woman ever to enter the Roof of Africa hosted in Lesotho. In May 2012, after a massive fundraising event and support from local companies and the riding community, Toni managed to raise enough funds to get to the very prestigious Women's World Enduro Event hosted in Spain and Portugal. According to Toni, Spain was insanely difficult where it rained for 30 days leading up to the event which made the terrain near impossible to ride. Toni was happy to finish up in 8th place on the Sunday in Portugal before heading back home to represent South Africa in Zimbabwe at the FIM Africa Off-Road Motorcycle Continental Championship. As a member of the South African team who won the overall event Toni came first in the ladies’ class on a KTM 250 2T.

C3 Spends the Day at Animal Ambulance


C3's community initiative is making a positive impact As part of C3's ongoing commitment to the local community and making an impact in a positive way, the company has arranged a variety of social community initiatives that both the Directors and Staff will be taking part in during the year. The first initiative of 2015 was to spend a day at the Animal Ambulance facility in Pretoria. The Animal Ambulance is a 24hr emergency shelter for sick and abused animals and was established in 2002. They are a registered non-profit organisation and exist entirely on donations from individuals and fundraising events and receive no funding from the government. The purpose of The Animal Ambulance is to aid abused and sick animals who without their help would die an often painful death. Animal Ambulance believes in giving all animals a second chance as they are a pro-life shelter. On Friday the 27th March, C3 staff members and directors spent the day at Animal ambulance taking on tasks such as cleaning out ponds, cleaning stables, bathing dogs, donkeys and even sheep. Maria Phelan from Animal Ambulance had this to say about the visit, "The awesome staff

Maziya Combined School


C3 Shared Services combined efforts with Eskom Arnot Power station by uplifting the community of Hendrina, aiming at the youth of Maziya Combined School. We wanted to assist the underprivileged school with taking care of the various needs they have to enable them to improve education for our country’s future leaders. Maziya Combined School is located in Hendrina, Mpumalanga. The school had 833 registered students in 2014, which has increased to 970 students and 28 educators in 2017, accommodating Grade 1 to Grade 9 students. The school is committed in educating the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. C3 aimed our corporate social investment program towards the youth to enable them a solid education to lead South Africa. The handing over of the funds was done by C3 Shared Services Director, Mr N. Grange, at the schools’ premises on 24 October 2017. They will utilize the contribution of R 30 000.00 towards improving and upgrading where they see the need, ensuring the best for their students. It is imperative for C3 Shared Services to ensure sustainability, transformation and equality for the future generation of South Africa.

Impala Platinum “Potjiekos” Competition


C3 Shared Services, along with various other contractors to Impala Platinum in Springs, combined forces to raise funds for the Springs SPCA. On the 3rd of November 2017, we attended the “potjiekos” day held at Impala Platinum in Springs. The mission was to make several “potjies” and sell the food to Impala Platinum employees in an effort to raise the necessary funds to contribute to a non-profit organisation that was going through extreme financial difficulty before the busiest time of the year – festive season. This SPCA shelter accommodates stray dogs and cats while actively sourcing new foster parents or ‘forever homes’ for the animals, with their primary and motivating concern being “the prevention of cruelty to all living creatures. The NSPCA acknowledges that the welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state, and that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of wellbeing.” The “potjiekos” day was a huge success and approximately R175 000 was raised and handed over to the SPCA to assist in maintaining the facility and taking care of the precious animals. Do not shop, rather adopt. The solutions and ideas shared by them definitely enhance our systems’ performance and enable new ideas and ways of… Alan Jevon, Signals & Communications for Bombela Maintenance (Pty) Ltd