At C3 Shared Services, we have a long and successful history of providing high-tech integrated security and fire solutions to both the South African and African market. Security and fire, it can be said, is at the heart and soul of all we do. Working closely with our clients over the years, and ever attentive to their changing needs, we have found that the long-term success of our solutions doesn't only depend on the technology used and an effective installation, but, maybe even more importantly, on the management of the solution over its lifespan.

A well-designed security program is comprised of many elements. Policies, procedures, training, personnel, electronic systems, hardware, and environment are all important components of an effective program. Only when these pieces are properly assembled can the desired level of the integrated solution be attained. Utilising the most sophisticated software, technical products, and expertise, we deploy integrated solutions to multiple projects and clients. Our wide spectrum of professional services includes: