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C3's service over the past 5 years has been of a very high standard. They are certainly experts in their field of service and are
very reliable.

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BBBEE announcement

C3 empowers its employees and promotes economic transformation and is proud to announce the company is now
30% black owned.

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Current Project

C3 SS to design and install state of the art thermal surveillance system for Century Development's new Helderfontein Estate.

Security Services

C3 Shared Service's sophisticated 24 hour centralised command and control centre provides monitoring and management of event driven alarms.

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C3's military grade technology secures the tunnels of the Gautrain

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Hot Topic

Camera based fire detection visually detects fire, smoke or reflective heat at its source. NFPA and FM approved

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Social Responsibility

C3 summits Mera Peak to
stop rhino poaching

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Completed Projects

C3 installs intelligent security system for Century's Waterfall Hill's retirement village

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These demonstration video clips are provided to give insight into the detection capabilities of thermal cameras combined with intelligent video analytics as well as the cutting edge fire detection technology that is Visual Based Fire Detection (VBFD).

Reflective flame

This is a video of reflected fire light being detected. The fire source is a 1² ft pan fire behind construction material in our warehouse. The camera is 60 ft. away. The purple tiles represent the time of alarm.

PTZ Sync

Field of view limitations are overcome. Tracks moving objects across multiple cameras (PTZ)

Night Time Slow Crawl

99% probability of detection! Detects multiple intruders moving at slow speeds - in this case a rate of 1 foot every 5 minutes.

Smoke detection at waste to energy plant

This is a video of a smoke detection at a waste to energy plant in CT. It is a very difficult environment due to the large amount of dust and debris in the air and steam that can come off the garbage from the decaying process.

Environmental Challenges

Airport operations scenario with simultaneous detection of numerous people and vehicles under night blizzard conditions & camera shaking - located at airport gate around a commercial airliner.

Depth Perception & Target Speed

Intruder detected whilst an object is dangled in front of the camera lens. This perfectly illustrates the 3D depth perception of the software. The result = Low False Alarm Rates

Smoke detection Manufacturing facility

Video of smoke detection at a manufacturing facility.

Detection at Various Distances

Intruders detected at various distances in no light conditions:
Intruder 1 @ 50 meters;
Intruder 2 @ 200 meters;
Intruder 3 @ 300 meters

Two Intruders 400 Metres

2 intruders detected in no light conditions at distance of 400 meters

Welding flame detected

Video of a unauthorized welding event in a coal tripper room at a coal plant. If the welding was authorized a masking zone could be placed around the area in the image where the welding is to occur and attached to a schedule. The SigniFire camera could then detect events outside the masked area.

Video Analytics Unaffected by Birds in FOV

Clip taken with 35 micron thermal camera showing intruder detected at 300 meters. Birds fly past camera's field of view and yet don't set off an alarm whilst the analytics continue to track the intruder.

Video Analytics Accurate in Extreme Wind

Video clip taken under extremely windy conditions. Notice how the analytics is unaffected by the long grass moving in the wind and continues to track the intruder

Outdoor pan fire

1m pan fire detected at 300ft.

Thermal Train Test

Human target detected at 350 meters whilst the analytics ignores the train moving towards the camera.

Spot the Intruder

Human target, initially unseen to the operator, is detected by the intelligent analytics.

Dense Vegetation

Target detected at 400 meters in dense bushveld vegetation.

Smoke detected at University stadium

SigniFire detecting hot smoke at University of Maryland's Cole Field House. The camera is about 300 ft away from the smoke. In a structure like this, there is no effective detection available.